How to Advertise an Adult Website

If you are an independent contractor looking for a lucrative and profitable business, perhaps you should consider advertising adult site work through Google. The most important thing in Google’s eyes is traffic which is what your site must bring in to boost your pay checks. But do not waste time, your site must catch on with Google and not just any search engine. There are independent that advertise adult website work through Google and here are some important tips on how to go about it.

advertise adult website

o How to advertise adult website work through Google? Basically, have this generic online adult site where visitors can join, chat, pictures, meet others, and so on. But to advertise it more effectively, try to link it up with other social networking sites like joining Google+ circles, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and having the follow-up on gmail as soon as someone contacts you through those networks.

Oh, Why Google? It is because Google is one of the top search engines and can rank your ads very well compared to the rest. So how do you improve your Google Page Rank (PR)? Well, by getting as many quality backlinks pointing at your ads as possible with the help of Google’s pocketchange25 service.

o What are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links that come from other sites that compliment your own site, including your link, a blog post, articles written by you, etc. So, the higher number of such backlinks, the better for your pocket and the more chances of your ads showing up on the first page of Google.

o Social Media? Yes, of course! Like any other regular “tried and tested” tool in our arsenal, social media also works wonders for an adult website. In fact, it can work to your advantage more so than any other tool available.

If done properly, social networking can give you a lot of exposure. You can use the profiles of your friends, ex-employees, family members, co-workers and so on. These people will know more about your business, what you’re all aboutwho you’re trying to reach and where they can find you. You can then have fun exchanging links back and forth with them. Be sure to add a link to your adult website, so visitors can easily check it out! The best part is, since these profiles are public and are available to anyone who might want to read them, you don’t even have to pay anything to have them.